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Citizenship and Immigration Canada PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED - B Citoyennet et PAGE 1 OF 1 DOCUMENT CHECKLIST FOR A TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA This document checklist is one of the forms that you need to submit with your application. If your documents are in a language other than English or French check with the responsible visa office for your region to determine whether they need to be translated. If any of the required documents listed below are missing your application may be returned. Gather...
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I have enclosed, in case you need it. I have enclosed, when appropriate, other documents that are required in addition to these. Furthermore, I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or have permanent residence. Furthermore, I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or have permanent residence. Furthermore, I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or have permanent residence. Furthermore, I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or have permanent residence. Am I applying for permanent residence? Are you a permanent resident? Are you applying for permanent residence? I am a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Do I have to visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada office to have a health exam done? What if I don't have a valid email address? How do I submit my application? 1. Check that the page number printed on the checklist is correct. 2. Check that all the forms are filled out correctly and dated correctly. 3. Check that all the required details are included in your application. Please note: If you don't sign your application and bring the completed application with you to the office, you may miss your appointment. Please send all applications with a stamped self-addressed envelope to: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) Room 513 Immigration and Refugee Protection Branch 2nd Floor 1st Floor Mail Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0A8 3. Sign your application. 4. Bring the application to the nearest Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada office. You don't have to be present when your application is processed. You may fax or mail the application to the correct office. 5. Check that you include your fee or application fee on the application. Fees Income Eligibility Criteria 7,600 CAD + HST 10,100 CAD + HST Note: If you are applying for permanent residence under a Provincial Nominee Agreement (PNA), check with your province of residence.
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Hi my friends its alligators and with you today I just got back from our trip to Amsterdam to Berlin to Moscow and got quite a number of refusals people were sending me emails look I was refused what should I do how should I approach it etc it said I mean we were talking about refusals for a couple of times already but what was sort of surprising for me when I looked at their cases, and they were prepared individually by them right by the applicants themselves in each and every case there was one two three four documents missing they were substituted by another documents and in every single case the latter two visa officers was either not sufficient or has not been provided at all or did not describe the situation, and it's like excuse me guys ah you are preparing your application for a visa to Canada okay equally you are preparing your application for immigration together your submitted documents to provincial authorities New Brunswick Saskatchewan Manitoba so be it right does not really matter who they are you are preparing the set of papers where the visa officer has to make his or her explicit decision on whether to allow or not to allow you to enter Canada of course as a visa officer as a highly trained professional still that individual is not always able to understand your particular situation do not be fooled by the fact that look I'm providing my bank statement I'm providing my reference letter and the visa officer has to understand it or has to read it trust me I've seen these reference letters in Hindi submitted as is right, so people did not even get an idea that they have to be translated so if you got any discrepancies, or you got any additional information please for God's sake provide that letter to an officer explain from A to Z what you have to say okay in a very, very structured manner I already said in previous videos that if you want to discuss it if you want to command something if you're not sure how to drop that letter come to us alright we will probably be able to help it or at least we will give you an idea how to do that properly every single case is unique there is no universal situation where you're given a checklist of say 20 documents, and you provide all 20 of them usually you're missing something your suggestion does not exactly feed into that frame, and you have to explain it in your papers expecting you that the visa officer especially if we're talking about temporary visa would spend more than 10 minutes going through your documents it's not correct okay if I were you I will probably put the letter on the top of your submitting your documents on paper if you're sending them electronically make sure that you got that letter accompanied to every single document which you're uploaded all right otherwise you're risking it to be in a situation when visa officer does not understand your case correctly again confused not sure what to do come to us for the question I will either be able to answer it directly or we...
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